10 Tips for Brides Planning Outdoor Wedding Photos in Canmore

Ever heard the phrase “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”? It’s an old adage and one that definitely applies to outdoor wedding photos in Canmore.

Preparation is key to making sure your wedding shoot is everything you’ve dreamed of, especially at some of the more adventurous locations available in Canmore. Mountain ranges and lakes make for a unique and exquisite backdrop – they just require a little more planning than your average wedding photos!  

Whether you’re in a picturesque resort or standing on a mountaintop, these handy tips will ensure you’re looking great and feeling comfortable during your outdoor wedding photoshoot.


1. Build time buffers into your schedule

Having an itinerary for your wedding is essential. It helps keep things moving on the day, so you have plenty of time to get your photos just the way you envisioned.

Then again, how does that saying go about the best-laid plans? Lots of things can knock your itinerary off-kilter, no matter how carefully you strategize. 

But that’s ok! Just plan some time buffers into your itinerary, from getting ready in the morning right down to arriving for the ceremony and taking off afterward for the photos. That way, if something takes a little longer than expected, the rest of the day can continue to run smoothly.


2. Make sure you’re camera-ready

Wind, rain, (or a helicopter!) can play havoc with even the most low-maintenance ‘do. It’s a good idea to pack some fixer-upper tools and a small mirror for your hair and make-up. That way, you can do a quick touch-up before your shoot and be camera ready!


3. Don’t count on the weather

The weather in Canmore can be pretty changeable, especially if you’re planning on shooting your wedding photos in a less accessible, higher altitude spot. 

Make sure you have some alternate locations planned in case some bad weather really sets in, and your first choice is no longer an option.

outdoor weddings photos

4. Keep delicate pieces protected

Avoiding a torn veil or a crushed bouquet is as simple as packaging them correctly before taking them along to your shoot. Keep the florist box on hand for your bouquet and a garment bag for any veils, headpieces, or shawls to keep them protected while you make your way to your chosen location.


5. Catching the light

When it comes to outdoor wedding photos, the ideal time of day to shoot is known as the “golden hour.” It’s the time shortly before sunset when natural light is at its softest. This lighting accentuates your natural beauty and lends a far more forgiving glow than the harsh midday sun. 

Once your location is chosen, work with your photographer to select a time of day that will capture the best natural lighting at that spot. 


6. Bring spare shoes

Elegant bridal shoes are gorgeous, but not always the ideal footwear for outdoor wedding photos in Canmore! To reach the spots for those beautiful scenic shots, it’s a good idea to bring hiking boots or sneakers to keep your bridal shoes pristine. Even if you’re not going anywhere too adventurous, heels sink into grass or may get ruined by rainy weather.

You can always slip them back on just before the camera starts clicking!


shooting wedding photos outdoors

7. Bring a warm jacket

Wedding photos can take a little while to set up, and shoots can take up to a couple of hours, depending on what you want.

It’s definitely recommended to bring a warm jacket, or even a cozy blanket, to keep off any potential chill in the air between shots. A true pro might even think to bring a flask of warm cocoa and a blanket to cuddle up under!


8. Pick a spot with some shade

Much as we would like to be able to dim the sun, outdoor lighting is tough to control. Bright sun can cast a harsh glow, leaving you squinting and ruining an otherwise perfect shot. 

Choosing locations with a variety of shady spots can help find the perfect light on the day for your close-up shots. 


9.Apply the same rules for your groom

Make sure you share the same advice with your groom! They’ll also need to keep their clothes pristine, keep warm, and have a change of shoes available, just in case.  


10. Enjoy yourself

Don’t forget what the day is all about – celebrating the most special moment with your partner in crime. So have fun with it! 

Try not to worry too much about what’s going on around you. Leave the logistics in the hands of your trusted photographer. All you need to do is focus on each other and feel the magic of the moment.

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