Banff Wedding Photography: 7 Reasons to Hire Someone Local

It’s no surprise that couples choose to celebrate their love in Banff and the surrounding areas. The Canadian Rockies’ majestic scenery provides an idyllic setting for engagement, elopement, and wedding photos alike.

But if you’re planning on venturing to Banff for your big day, there are tons of benefits to hiring a local photographer versus bringing someone in from elsewhere. They’re far more familiar with the expansive landscape, and the minor details that could play havoc with your Banff wedding photos. 

Here are just a few ways that hiring someone local to Banff can ease the stress and make your photos better than you ever dreamed!

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1. They save you precious time

Because your local Banff photographer knows the area, they can save you a ton of time on the big day. While someone from out of town may be able to do their research, a local photographer already knows it all. They’re experts at mitigating potential issues with Banff wedding photography such as transport to the shoot location, parking problems, and all the little things that can quickly go wrong on the day.

They’ll be able to guide you in these types of decisions ahead of time, allowing everything to run smoothly and without interruption – so on the big day, you’ll only have to focus on yourselves!

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2. They provide a higher quality

Being familiar with the area has other benefits too. A local photographer already knows the landscape inside and out. They understand the weather patterns and outdoor lighting at different times of the day.

While this saves them time on setting up, their experience in the local outdoors also means they understand how to get the best out of that landscape and lighting. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the photos in that regard!

3. They can offer more advice

If you’ve done your research, there may already be locations around Banff that you had in mind for your photoshoot. 

But imagine arriving at the location on your big day and finding the place so busy with tourists that your wedding photoshoot turns into an exercise in crowd management!

Someone experienced with Banff wedding photography will be able to guide you away from the tourist traps to quieter locations. Even if you have your heart set on a specific spot, they’ll at least be able to recommend a time of day to avoid the crowds! 

And if you’re a little more easygoing about the location for your shoot? There is no better person to recommend a location than a local photographer. They make it their business to seek out stunning new backdrops for their work. Let them get to know you as a couple, too. If you’re the more adventurous type, you may even find yourself in a helicopter on your wedding day, journeying to the most unique and beautiful mountain peak for your wedding portraits!

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4. They have connections with other local vendors

You may be bringing some elements of your wedding from out of town, but you’re going to need local vendors for lots of things on the day itself.

From hair and make-up to florists, local Banff photographers often have ongoing relationships with other vendors. They’re usually more than happy to recommend others, and sometimes they can even get you a preferred rate. 

Another benefit of this type of recommendation is the workflow on the day. If multiple professionals involved in your wedding have worked together before, they understand each others’ rhythm. This familiarity can really help to keep your day running smoothly.

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5. They have general local knowledge

Your wedding photos can be so much more than a “stand and pose” session. They should be part of the overall experience and memories of the day. After all, if you have a wedding party and reception waiting for you, this may be the only quality time you get to spend with each other all day!

Local Banff photographers love where they work and often act as tour guides for their couple, sharing the inside scoop on their home turf. 

They’ll also be aware of any special permits or permissions required for different locations. Local vendors are usually full of pride in their local communities. So they’ll commit to providing a fantastic experience for you, while also understanding how to be respectful of the landscape and any local community members or customs.

6. There are no legality issues

This one is not so fun. Still, it’s something people rarely think about when hiring an outside vendor to join them at a destination wedding.

Many people who work on destination weddings are doing so illegally as they do not have a permit to work at that destination. It’s a huge risk for you, even if no payment is exchanged locally. 

To work in Banff and Canmore, your photographer must have a business license specific to these areas. The rules only get more stringent when it comes to accessing Banff National Park. Most of the popular locations to shoot photographs in Banff require the proper national park permit and liability insurance, something that an outside vendor will find difficult to get.

The easiest way to avoid potential drama around legality for Banff wedding photography is to hire someone from the locality well ahead of time. It’s one less thing to worry about!

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7. They know all the top-secret locations

The most exciting part, and by far the most significant benefit to hiring a local Banff photographer, is all the gorgeous secret locations they know! They’ll even be able to guide you to hidden gems in the surrounding area as little as fifteen minutes away.

You’ll only get a truly one-of-a-kind experience with a local photographer. They know how to avoid the tourist traps and go off the beaten track while respecting your comfort level in terms of the location’s accessibility.

By putting your trust in them, you’ll have parts of Banff revealed to you that you would never have found otherwise. It’s a great way to create an extraordinary moment for you to remember together forever!


If you want to learn more about your options for Banff wedding photography – let’s talk!

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