5 Questions to Ask Your Canmore Photographer

Canmore is a truly dreamy spot. Mountains, lakes, greenery, sunlight, and snow are all incorporated into one perfect landscape. Whether you’re looking to hire a Canmore photographer for vacation, engagement, elopement, or wedding photos, there are some things you need to figure out first.

These five questions will help make sure you have the perfect photo shoot (with the perfect Canmore photographer!). 


1. What packages do you offer?

If you’ve already got some ideas in mind for your photoshoot, discuss them with your photographer. They probably offer some great packages depending on the number of locations and the proposed duration of your photo shoot.

All sorts of factors can potentially be included or excluded from a photography package. These factors include duration of the shoot, a second photographer, post-shoot editing and touch-ups, album creation, engagement/pre-wedding sessions, USBs of high resolution edited digitals, photographic prints and more!

Talk with your photographer about this in detail. Figure out what you actually want, and the rates per package. Once you get some clarity, you should be able to figure out a rate and package you’re happy with.

Plus, they may also have packages in partnership with other local vendors. Ask if they work with any local hair and make-up artists or floral designers – they may be able to get you preferred rates!



2. Where should we do the shoot?

If you want your Canmore photographer to talk your ear off about all the beautiful photography locations in the area, definitely ask them this one!

There’s a reason the Rocky Mountains have become such a popular elopement and wedding destination. Whether you’re more comfortable on the ground on a lakeshore or in a helicopter to reach snow-capped peaks, each photography spot is more beautiful than the last. From the Grassi Lakes trail to the Three Sisters peaks, you’ll be spoiled for choice in backdrops for your photos.

The beauty of hiring a local Canmore photographer is that they’ll advise you on the best spot for what you want to achieve. They may even show you some of their top-secret hideaway locations that only a local would know for truly unique portraits!



3. What should I wear?

Lots of people come to Canmore, Banff, and other photography hotspots in the Rockies to have those stunning mountain views incorporated into their shoot. This often means a bit of a walk at the very least, and a helicopter and strenuous hike for the harder to reach spots.

This may come into the equation when you’re deciding on your photo locations. Be sure to check with the photographer so you’re comfortable with the accessibility of the spots you’d like.

If you’re not overly experienced in the outdoors, especially in a mountain landscape, make sure you ask what you should bring with you to stay comfortable. Even for wedding photographs, you may need to change out of your dress while traveling to the location to keep it pristine. If you’re having your photos taken in winter, you’ll definitely want to bring a warm jacket along to keep you cozy between shots!



4. What time should we schedule a shoot?

Light is the most crucial element of photography. Hiring a local professional who understands how it behaves in the area is crucial. You might have heard of the “golden hour” for outdoor photography. It produces more golden tones and the lighting is soft since the sun is low in the sky. This tends to be very forgiving for photos and creates stunning images. Mountain photographers also seek to shoot during “blue hour” just before sunrise or after sunset, when indirect sunlight is evenly diffused. 

However, seasonal daylight can vary significantly from one day to the next, depending on the weather and the time of year. Canmore photographers know the area inside out, so they’ll be able to advise on the best time of day for your photos depending on the time of year and the predicted weather.


Bridal Gown by Sweet Pea & Noelle | Venue: Malcolm Hotel Canmore


5. Will the photos be candid or formal?

Different photographers have different styles. Some like to take charge and give lots of direction. Others prefer to melt into the background and capture candid photographs. For most occasions, a happy medium that combines both formal portraits and candid snapshots is usually best.

Talk with your Canmore photographer about this ahead of time so expectations can be set on both sides. Ask as many questions as you like about their “working style”. That way you’ll know what to expect and be comfortable on the day.

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