Choosing Locations With Your Lake Louise Wedding Photographer

Once you’ve decided on a Rocky Mountain wedding, your options are nearly endless in terms of different locations for your ceremony, reception, and, most importantly, your wedding photos! And you can’t do better than Lake Louise. Hiring a Lake Louise wedding photographer also means you’ll be guided through the tricky process of picking different locations for your photos.

This little hamlet located in Banff National Park is best known for turquoise lakes, majestic mountain peaks, and beautiful hiking trails. It’s no surprise that it’s become a hugely popular destination for wedding and engagement photoshoots. 

However, it’s also extremely popular with tourists, so it’s a consistently busy spot. Busy areas are not always ideal for capturing wedding photos, as it can take longer to set up shots and wait for crowds to clear. 

But help is at hand! Your Lake Louise wedding photographer can help you choose photo locations away from the hustle and bustle. They know all the secret spots where you can capture the world-renowned beauty of Lake Louise without interruption.

Lake Louise Wedding Photos

Adventure Wedding Photos at Lake Louise

A sense of adventure is always present when exploring Lake Louise, no matter your fitness or ability level. Get inspired by a short stroll around the lakeshore or strap on some boots and take to one of the more challenging trails. Heck, why not get in a canoe and glide through the pristine, glacier-fed water! If you visit in winter, you can even trek across a glittering frozen lake.

If you’re planning a more traditional, formal wedding day, take a short stroll in your gown through the famous larches in the fall. Your wedding photos will capture golden foliage and fall colours at their finest!

While it’s the perfect area for the more adventurous couple, your Lake Louise wedding photographer will be able to lead you to quieter spots without doing anything too strenuous if that’s your preference. That’s the beauty of a place like Lake Louise – it can be whatever you make it!

Lake Louise Wedding Photographer

The Famous Tea Hike

Add a little charm to your wedding photos by walking the famous Tea Hike. These trails lead to two different tea houses, where family-run businesses have been keeping up the tradition of serving tea on a mountaintop for over 100 years!

These historic tea houses have no electricity or running water. Some supplies are flown in by helicopter, but the fresh produce is brought up the trail by the staff themselves. They are a charming addition to the Lake Louise landscape and have become part of the scenery

The Agnes Tea House

This tea house takes its name from Lady Agnes MacDonald, wife of Canada’s first prime minister. It has served hikers from all over the world with tea and freshly baked goods since 1905!

It’s the more accessible tea house, with a wide 3.6km trail leading to it. The hike takes most people 1-2 hours to complete. 

Make your way up this forest trail and see the beautiful sights of Mirror Lake and a waterfall before emerging onto the gorgeous Lake Agnes! If your adventurous spirit still isn’t satisfied, you can hike from the teahouse to Little Beehive and Big Beehive from there.

The Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House

This tea house was constructed in 1924 to accommodate mountaineers on their way to Mount Victoria and Mount Lefroy. These days it offers tea and refreshment to hikers who want to take a more challenging route than the Lake Agnes trail. The surrounding glaciers and mountains provide an unrivalled view while enjoying tea and cakes!


Dream Venues at Lake Louise

It’s not just the natural beauty that draws visitors to Lake Louise. The area is also home to some stunning chateaus that function as hotels and wedding venues.

From the gorgeous Chateau Lake Louise to the grandeur of the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, the local venues are beautiful both inside and out. 

Chateau Lake Louise

It’s hardly surprising that, with all this beauty and adventure, Lake Louise attracts thousands of tourists. But don’t let that put you off! It’s still the perfect spot for wedding photos, regardless of the crowd. Just rely on your Lake Louise wedding photographer to guide you away from the crowds and towards a quiet, romantic spot!

If you’re planning a Lake Louise wedding, get in touch!

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