5 Reasons to Hire a Moraine Lake Photographer

If you’re planning an engagement, wedding, or elopement photo shoot in the vicinity of Banff National Park, you’ll probably have come across Moraine Lake as a potential location. And if you’re considering it for your shoot, you should definitely hire a local Moraine Lake photographer to lead the way.

Moraine Lake is situated in Banff National Park. The lake is famous all over the world for its distinctive aquamarine shade of blue. As it’s glacially fed, it is fullest in June, which is when the colour really stands out against the summer sunshine. This colour comes from the light refracting off rock flour that has drifted into the lake due to erosion from the surrounding glaciers. There are few more dazzling backdrops in the Rockies for beautiful photographs.

Here are five reasons you should hire a local Moraine Lake photographer to capture this natural beauty in all its glory for your photo shoot.


Moraine Lake photography


1. Moraine Lake Photographers know the secret spots

Unfortunately, Moraine Lake isn’t just popular with professional photographers and couples. During peak times, it’s often inundated with tourists and hikers. 

The most popular trail for tourists is known as the Rockpile Trail. It offers stunning views of the lake from the top of the rockpile and is one of the most photographed places in the whole country of Canada! And that stunning vista of the mountains behind the lake? It’s known as the “Twenty Dollar View” because the Canadian twenty dollar bill featured Moraine Lake in 1969 and 1979.

If you have one of these well-known spots in mind, a local Moraine Lake photographer will help you schedule your shoot so that you get the most out of the view without too many interruptions.

And if you want to get off the beaten track, a local photographer will know all those top-secret spots to capture the beauty of Lake Moraine well away from the crowds! Not only will your shoot be a magical and peaceful experience, but you’ll be left with truly unique photos to remember it by!



2. They like the outdoors

Lots of the best places for photographs in the Canadian Rockies can take a little bit of hiking to reach. But they’re more than worth it! A Moraine Lake photographer knows the area well and can act as a guide along the way.

The mountains are home for local photographers, so if you’re up for an adventure, then you can bet they will be too!


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3. They frequently work with other local vendors

If you’re from out of town and planning a destination wedding around Lake Moraine, there is a lot to organize. You’ll likely need to source multiple local vendors from flowers to hair and makeup. Moraine Lake photographers frequently have professional relationships with other vendors. They’ll be able to give you great advice and recommendations! They may even be able to organize a preferred rate for other services.

Not only that, vendors who have worked together previously on the same events understand each other’s needs and schedules. This level of familiarity can go a long way towards helping your big day run as smoothly as possible!



4. They know all the routes and trails

Wedding days usually run on pretty tight schedules. Even if you’re booking elopement or engagement photos, timing can be crucial for things like capturing the natural lighting at the right time of day.

The last thing you need is to get lost on the way to your perfect photo spot!

Moraine Lake photographers know the trails and mountains like the back of their hand. They also know precisely how long it takes to get there, set up, and get you back again. It’s also worth noting that restrictions are placed on different trails from time to time. Your local photographer will be aware of this. Even if it happens unexpectedly, they’ll be ready with plenty of alternative spots for your shoot.


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5. They already have local permits & licenses

Lots of couples are not aware of the fact that bringing in an outside photographer requires certain legalities. There are specific licenses and permits needed to work in the Banff area, and professional photography is no exception.

The easiest way to avoid potential issues during your Moraine Lake photo session is to hire someone local.

Local Moraine Lake photographers will already have the correct National Park permits. Running a business and shooting in the Banff National Park requires a specific national park business license and permit, which also includes liability insurance to ensure everyone is protected.


If you’ve been thinking about professional photography sessions around Moraine Lake, I’d love to chat!

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