Venue 308: Calgary’s Latest Inspirational Wedding Venue

There are lots of beautiful wedding venues out there. But finding one that aligns with your vision isn’t always so simple. Rather than letting the existing opulent chandeliers or swirling carpets of a hotel ballroom dictate your wedding design decisions, why not find a more neutral space? A blank canvas, ready and willing to bring your vision to life? That’s what Venue 308, a newly established event space in Calgary, offers for couples planning their big day.

A mother-daughter team created and manage Venue 308 and are shaking things up in the historic Louise Block building in the old warehouse district of Victoria Park.

Venue 308 opened its doors in mid-October 2019 and has made quite a splash in the Calgary events scene. And once you step inside, it’s not hard to see why.

Rocky Mountain Photo Co. was fortunate to get an in-depth look at the space during a recent shoot there, and we were immediately sold on this wonderfully curated venue.

venue 308 in Calgary

Letting in the Light

If you want a break from the dark and rustic look, Venue 308 is truly breaking that mold. Bringing elegance and style to a large space, the masterminds behind the venue have created a blank canvas without reverting to stark walls and harsh lighting. 

The rosy red brick walls combined with minimalist chrome finishes are tasteful without overpowering, allowing couples of all tastes to put their mark on the space. 

The Grace Lounge

Who needs a hotel bridal suite when you’ve got the Grace Lounge to party with your bridesmaids while getting ready?

bridal lounge at Venue 308

With the subtle greens, blues, and pinks dotted around and the natural lights from the windows, you and your bridal party can line up in the stools along the mirror wall for hair and makeup. Or, relax on the sofa with a glass of champagne! Your “Getting Ready” photos will look super chic from all angles.

And once you’re done, take advantage of the ornate floor-length mirror to make sure you’re good to go!

The Walter Lounge

Meanwhile, the groom and groomsmen can kick back in the Walter Lounge. The vibe in this room is perfect for relaxing with a couple of beers before the day really gets underway.

The room comes with:

  • Lounge area
  • Beverage fridge
  • Bar and stools
  • Wall-mounted television
  • Pool table 

So the groomsmen can play pool and enjoy a couple of celebratory drinks ahead of the ceremony.

The Bar/Lounge

Guests can move from the building’s lobby straight into the bar/lounge area. The art deco styling makes this space perfect for your cocktail reception.

bar and lounge at venue 308

The eclectic collection of inspirations that form the creative flair of this venue is apparent everywhere. From the modern fireplace that greets you to the neon bar sign, the space combines quirky features without overpowering the senses.

The Main Hall

Venue 308's main hall and bar

Moving from the Bar/Lounge to the Main Hall is seamless as the two are cleverly divided only partially by the brick walls.

Moving from the Bar/Lounge into the Main Hall, you’ll be struck by the shift in the light. The spaces have cleverly been designed as two distinct rooms while still allowing guests to move seamlessly between the two.

The Main Hall provides a sizeable space for your reception. Its balanced neutrality will stir your imagination and help you bring your dream wedding vision to life. 

main hall venue 308

Between the Main Hall and the Bar/Lounge, moving from ceremony to cocktail hour to your reception can feel like unique experiences. And the event space is perfectly suited to quickly transform in accordance with your vision for each stage of your big day.

Saving the day

We’re all in a state of confusion right now with the impact COVID19 has had on the wedding industry. Many couples have had to face the devastating decision to postpone or cancel their wedding day. 

But there are still some options out there. If you just can’t wait to say “I do”, Venue 308 is catering to couples who still want to have a small ceremony in accordance with government guidelines. You can contact the venue to book three-hour wedding ceremonies and photography sessions in this beautiful space. The reception can wait. But what better time to solidify your commitment and still have a piece of the fairytale during these uncertain times.

So, whether you’re holding out for a big ceremony and reception next year or want to hold an intimate elopement where you can capture some beautiful photographs, we highly recommend getting in touch with Venue 308.

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